Meryem Yavuz


Born in İstanbul in 1983, has studied cinema at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

In 2009, she was selected for Berlinale Talent Campus.

Her first feature film as a cinematographer, Two Lines (Directed by Selim Evci, 2008) premiered at Venice Film Festival – Venice International Film Critics Week (SIC). Her later works Seaburners (Directed by Melisa Onel, 2014) and Dust Cloth (Directed by Ahu Öztürk, 2016) both premiered at Berlin Film Festival’s Forum section. Eye Am (Directed by Melik Saraçoğlu, Hakkı Kurtuluş, 2014) was awarded Special Jury Prize at Moscow International Film Festival. Tuesday (Directed by Ziya Demirel, 2015) was selected for Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Competition. Documentary features The Others (Directed by Ayşe Polat, 2016) and Die Wachterin (Directed by Martina Priessner, 2020) were selected for National Competition at DOK Leipzig. Road to London (Directed by Efe Öztezdoğan, 2012) was selected to screen at Poland’s Camerimage. Debt (Directed by Vuslat Saraçoğlu, 2018) was awarded Best National Film Prize at Istanbul Film Festival. Passed By Censor (Directed by Serhat Karaaslan, 2019) has won FEDEORA award at Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Letters From Silivri was awarded at Clermont Ferrand.

She was accepted to the American Society of Cinematographers Vision Mentorship Program in 2020.

She also worked as an instructor at Bahçeşehir University and Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

She is a member of Cinematographers’ Association of Turkey (GYD) and Cinema and Television Workers Union.


Selected Filmography

2019 – The Girl With No Mouth (Dir: Can Evrenol)
2019 – Not Knowing (Dir: Leyla Yılmaz)
2019 – Passed By Censor (Dir: Serhad Karaaslan)
2018 – Debt (Dir: Vuslat Saraçoğlu)
2018 – The Field Guide to Evil – “Al Karısı” (Dir: Can Evrenol)
2018 – Road To Moon (Dir: Abdurrahman Öner)
2015 – Dust Cloth (Dir: Ahu Öztürk)
2014 – Seaburners (with cinematographer Julian Atanassov) (Dir: Melisa Önel)
2013 – Eye Am (Dir: Melik Saraçoğlu, Hakkı Kurtuluş)
2008 – Two Lines (Dir: Selim Evci)

2020 – Under Construction (Dir: Azize Cansu Turan)
2019 – Letters From Silivri (Dir: Adrian Figueroa)
2019 – Dead Sea (Dir: Arda Ekşigil)
2019 – Mamaville (Dir: Irmak Karasu)
2017 – Hinterlant (Dir: Sinan Kesova)
2015 – Mother Virgin No More (Dir: Derya Durmaz)
2015 – Tuesday (Dir: Ziya Demirel)
2015 – Unmade Bed (Dir: Eytan İpeker)
2012 – Vanished Into Blue (Dir: Abdurrahman Öner)
2011 – Nolya (Dir: M. Cem Öztüfekçi)
2010 – Morning-Noon-Evening (Dir: Efe Öztezdoğan)
2008 – Sapak (Dir: Fırat Mançuhan)
2007 – Downstairs (Dir: M. Cem Öztüfekçi)

2021 – Advocate (Dir: Maria Binder)
2020 – Die Watcherin (Dir: Martina Priessner)
2019 – Oglago (Dir: Efe Öztezdoğan)
2019 – Love Child (Dir: Eva Mulvad)
2018 – Amina (Dir: Kıvılcım Akay)
2016 – The Others (Dir: Ayşe Polat)
2014 – Remake, Remix, Rip-­‐Off (Dir: Cem Kaya)
2012 – Road to London (Dir: Efe Öztezdoğan)


2016 – 19. Uçan Süpürge International Film Festival | Bilge Olgaç Achievement Award
2009 – 11. Marmara University Short Film Festival | Best Cinematography ‘Sapak’
2008 – Kodak National Competition For Film Schools | Best Cinematography ‘Downstairs’