Yiğit Aksu


I was born on the 3rd of June, 1989 in Uskudar, Istanbul. My first encounter with filmmaking dates back to high school. Later, I gained full scholarship to study Film and TV major at Bahcesehir University.

From the start, I loved using the camera when studying Film&TV. Then I started working at film sets as videoassist operator. In the meantime, I went to Orlando, USA to work at a roller-coaster company,Wet n Wild which worked with Kodak, as a photographer for 4 months in 2010.

Before i graduated from the university i had some experiences as dit at Oktotech Film Services. After the graduation, in June 2012, I became a freelance 3rd camera assistant 2013 at Association of Turkish Camera Assistants. This lasted for three years and then I worked as 2nd camera assistant till august 2018. Then I decided to become a cinematographer and stopped working as an assistant.

In addition to ”filmmaking”,i have two short films also my own: 42 and JO.
I got the chance to work with Bela Tarr at Antalya Film Forum. Program named by Bela Tarr Workshops.

I’m still working as freelance cinematographer, sometimes photographer and director and the life is going like that .


Short Films
●2020- Word Count DoP
●2019- JO Dir-DoP
●2018- Muhammed DoP
●2018 – Verimli bir Gün / A Fertile Day DoP
●2017- Plak / The Vinyl DoP
●2016 -Kırk İki- FortyTwo Director/D.O.P.
●2015- Yaşayan Kent Heraklia – An Ancient City Heracleia documentary Dir-dp
●2015- Çocuk / The Kid D.o.P.
●2012- Manyağın Biri- Some Maniac -D.O.P .
●2012 – Oval Portre- The Oval Portrait D.O.P.
for all works please check my website