GYD Met Film Enthusiasts at the Altın Koza Film Festival


The 30th edition of the Altın Koza Film Festival, celebrating its anniversary this year, remained committed to its mission of hosting prominent figures in the film industry. This year’s festival featured impressive events organized by the Cinematographers’ Association of Turkey. Two of the notable highlights in this year’s festival program were a workshop titled “Small Equipment, Great Creativity” and a panel named “The Power of Cinematography.”


Small Equipment, Great Creativity Workshop

Cinematographers’ Association of Turkey brought together cinema enthusiasts in the “Small Equipment, Great Creativity” workshop, offering them the opportunity to explore the secrets of cinematography. Nusret Emre Bilgin (GYD), the workshop instructor, conducted an interactive workshop with the support of Fujifilm Turkey. The workshop focused on how the enchantment of the world of cinema can be captured with small equipment. In this workshop, cinematographers shared their experiences on how they bring large projects to life with limited resources, promising an instructive journey for cinema lovers.



The Power of Cinematography Panel

Another captivating event at the festival was the “The Power of Cinematography” panel. Emre Köktaş (GYD) took on the role of the moderator, and the panel featured speakers such as cinematographer Eyüp Boz (GYD), director Serdar Akar, journalist and film writer Olkan Özyurt, and Prof. Dr. Nesrin Aysun Yüksel, the Head of the Department of Cinema and Television at Anadolu University. The “Power of Cinematography” panel emphasized the significance of cinematography in storytelling for the participants. Additionally, it aimed to inspire attendees by explaining the role of different cinematographic techniques in creating atmosphere and emotional interaction, highlighting the distinctions between cinematography in various film genres, and exploring its relationship with editing. This panel served as a great source of inspiration for cinema enthusiasts and left a lasting mark as one of the unforgettable moments of the festival.




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