Yakın İkili #4 | Ahmet Sesigürgil


In the fourth episode of Yakın İkili, we delve into the behind-the-scenes of the film industry with Ahmet Sesigürgil! Everything you’ve been curious about, from the working principles in “Creature” and “Kulüp” series to “The Humbling” project, the economic dynamics of the film industry, sports films, and the New York film industry,, is now available in the fourth episode of Yakın İkili! You can watch Yakın İkili on GYD’s Youtube page, Spotify, and Poddy!


The “Yakın İkili” videocast series has been created within the Cinematographers Society for those who want to explore the inner workings of cinematography and be inspired by the experiences of masters in the field. “Yakın İkili” opens the doors of the cinematography world to listeners with the perspectives and lesser-known aspects of cinematographers.





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