GYD: Yakin İkili


The journey into the world of cinematography has begun with the “Yakin İkili” videocast series, within the Cinematographers’ Association of Turkey!

Cinematographers’ Association of Turkey sheds light on the inner world of cinematography with a new videocast program called “Yakin İkili.” This program features unique experiences and perspectives from members of the GYD, exploring the fundamental aspects of the art of cinematography.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the intricacies of cinematography and witness the journey of masterful figures in the field, “Yakin İkili” hosted Doğan Sarıgüzel (GYD) in its first episode and Barış Aygen (GYD) in its second.

The “Yakin İkili” series uncovers the secrets of the film industry and critical elements of cinematography for both viewers and listeners. Technical details such as how cinematographers design scenes and create atmosphere using light are at the heart of the program.

You can follow the “Yakin İkili” videocast series on the GYD’s YouTube and Spotify pages, and also listen to it by downloading Poddy.







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