International Cinematography Summit 2023



International Cinematography Summit (ICS), organized by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), brought together cinematographers from various countries around the world for an exciting gathering. The summit took place at the ASC Clubhouse in Los Angeles from June 5th to 9th. Representatives from 33 different countries participated in the event, bringing together leading figures in the world of cinematography and creating an atmosphere filled with excitement.

The summit featured numerous panels and discussions that pushed the boundaries of cinematography technology. The introduction of the world’s first Mobile Virtual Production Studio, “MagicBox,” garnered significant interest. Additionally, a conversation with the cinematographers of The Mandalorian series and the involvement of Unreal Engine employees provided insights into the future of cinematography and the television production process.



One of the most remarkable moments of the summit was when renowned cinematographer Robert Richardson (ASC) presented an analysis of the production of the film “Air.” Richardson shared insights into the intricacies and technical details of the film’s production process, along with his experiences in the profession.

Furthermore, panels addressing important topics such as “Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: Practices, Achievements, and Comparisons” made a significant impact on the summit’s agenda. The discussions revolved around diversity and inclusion in the film industry, highlighting progress and achievements within the industry.




To read the detailed report of ICS 2023 and access information about Emre Köktaş, the representative of the Cinematographers Association of Turkey (GYD), who participated in the summit, along with his interview in American Cinematographer magazine, please click on the link below.


Click here to read the full report of ICS 2023!

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